Flea Control Vacuum

Flea Control VacuumSuppose you are dealing with a flea infestation from one of your animals at home. In that case, you must clean your home so that all fleas are in control. Whether on your carpet, your linens or an extension attachment. You’re on your furniture. On the other hand, this questions what type of flea control vacuum you currently use and whether it effectively fights your home.

Conversely, it needs more than a flea control spray and a good vacuum cleaner. So that it will effectively and adequately break the flea cycle. However, the problem with a flea infestation is flea eggs. Usually, thousands hatch after the flea spray treatment or the bomb has dissipated.

Therefore, effectively breaking the flea infestation is by cleaning carpet and upholstery. And with a powerful carpet cleaning, as a hot steam cleaning unit. As a result, we remove the eggs and fleas as part of the flea control system. Somehow, it effectively breaks the flea infestation cycle. Then, apply the flea control product to fill the remaining fleas.

Steam n Dry Flea Control Auckland Service has the most potent truck-mount vacuum steam cleaning units in Auckland, New Zealand.

Animal Fleas Control Vacuum 

One of the best home vacuums today is the Dyson DC14 Animal Vacuum.

Don’t be fooled by the term “animal vacuum.” Indeed, this model is heavy-duty and perfect for the pet owner. For instance, it can deep clean any surface, whether you are working with carpets or hardwood floors. Therefore, it comes with various extensions to reach and clean hard-to-access areas. Indeed, this model comes with an extension attachment made just for your pets. Allowing you to vacuum their fur and possibly help get fleas off.

This vacuum has all the power of a shop vacuum but is much easier to navigate and control around your home.

Fleas Control Vacuums|Dyson DC14

Above all, reviews of this product are positive. In addition, it is interesting to note that most people who have bought these vacuums are, in fact, pet owners. They are active in outdoor and indoor areas. Plus, the 5/7 gallon collection bin empties quickly. Therefore, you pick up without worrying that you will be exposed to allergens, fleas, or dust. Furthermore, this vacuum is endorsed by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation for its ability to pick up particles down to 0.1 microns.

The Dyson DC14 Animal Vacuum is the flea control vacuum pet owners must own. This machine will help you keep your house clean and pest-free.

Steam n Dry flea control experts have worked in compliance with the Pest Authority for household pest control. They are professionally trained in the Pesticide Safety Education Program to solve your pest problems.

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Experienced, researched and written by Graeme Stephens. An IICRC Master Restoration Technician in 2001. Over 36 years of disinfecting, cleaning and pest control Auckland services experience.

Updated Last: August/27/2023