Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaning in Auckland

Auckland Steam n Dry

Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaning and Flea Control Auckland Service Experts have over 36 years of experience in the industry. Indeed, it is well-positioned to provide you with the best state-of-the-art carpet cleaning services in Auckland.

We are the most effective carpet cleaning service in Auckland, and our iconic green trucks are commonly seen in the area.

Why do Property Owners Trust Our Carpet Cleaning? Steam n Dry

Suppose you’re web-searching for Auckland carpet cleaners; who knows what you’ll find? Without a doubt, you can trust us in our specialised experiences since 1987 with our uniformed professionals.

We provide the best carpet cleaning service in Auckland for many reasons. Because we undoubtedly hire the best people. Call 0800 783-266 or email us here. Also, check our 5-star Facebook Reviews and Auckland Google Reviews.

Auckland Steam n Dry Services

When Quality Counts!

For 35 years, we have offered Quality Professional Flea Control and Upholstery Grooming Services in Auckland. Also, we provide Stain Removal, Pest Control, Carpet Repair, Deodorising and Rug Cleaning.

Of course, we call when we are on the way. See Steam n Dry’s Carpet Cleaning Auckland No Cowboys Reviews.

Our vans are high-tech, powerful truck mounts that use hot-water extraction methods to clean your carpets, as most, if not all, carpet makers and industry experts recommend. Steam n Dry controls our steam’s temperature to disinfect and sanitise dirty carpeting, creating a better hygienic, cleaner and healthier environment. Hence, we comply with the Carpet and Rug Institute for carpet beetles and the Carpet and Rug Institute for Dustmites.

The Process

  1. Firstly, pre-vacuuming the carpets.
  2. Moving furniture to the side for a wall-to-wall cleaning.
  3. Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland Services with truck-mounted equipment.
  4. Finally, the grooming of the carpet fibres gives a clean, uniform appearance.

Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaning and Flea Control Auckland Services come with a smile and a service guarantee. Our carpet cleaning experts are drug-free, polite, clean-cut, courteous, reliable and have background clearance.

So call us now on 0800 783 266  to getfree quote!

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